The work of Human Rights in Mental Health-FGIP

Mental Health in Human Rights-FGIP is involved in work in a variety of areas of mental health with a paryticular focus on human rights issues. 

GIP takes a comprehensive approach to its work in each of its program areas. This is because, in the case of mental health afflictions, it is particularly important to address the problems not just of the patients, but their families and broader social environments, as well as the overarching social, political and legal factors that can hinder or facilitate effective care, support and integration.

Our commitment to comprehensive change means that we pay close attention to cross-cutting themes such as increased user and family involvement, community care and attention to human rights.

Our approach also involves working step-by-step to empower and equip those we work with with more progressive methods and tools.

ABNI status

Human Rights in Mental Health-FGIP has the ANBI charitable status for the Dutch tax office.
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Human Rights in Mental Health-FGIP is in official relations with the World Health Organization in Geneva. For more information click here.

Our Approach

GIP is a unique catalyst for change in the mental health field. Its distinctiveness lies in the combination of activities it pursues. GIP implements projects with local partners that offer a space for medical professionals, other practitioners in the field and affected groups (clients and their families) to experience - through learning and practice - more just and empowering practices in mental health care. At the same time, it makes otherwise scarce information on mental health issues available in regional languages and works with policymakers and other influential groups to bring about change in both policies and practice. 

Recognition for Our Work

GIP has been awarded two prestigious prizes for its efforts: The Human Rights Award from the American Psychiatric Association and the 2000 Geneva Prize for Human Rights in Psychiatry.

Help us help our Ukrainian colleagues!

FGIP has been working in Ukraine for more than thirty years and has a huge community of friends and colleagues there. FGIP is doing everything possible  to help them during these difficult times. We have started a large-scale psychological aid program for the victims of this military conflict. A new self-help program was been set up in Ukrainian that provides resources to mental health professionals and helps the general population to deal with the psychological consequences of this war. Please support us with your donation.