Mental Health Perspectives

Mental Health Perspectives is a non-governmental organization established in the year 2000 in Lithuania and working in the field of mental health and human rights.

Organisation mission is to promote humane, ethical and effective mental health care, to protect human rights, to initiate and implement necessary reforms.

Organisation goal is to help both sides of society - the healthy and persons with disabilities - get to know each other, break down the myths and prejudices, to overcome fear with openness, to leave no gaps in violation of the human rights of people with disabilities.

Main activities include:

  • influencing policy with the aim to reform mental health system
  • protection of human rights
  • establishment of new mental health services
  • promotion of new initiatives, strengthening non-governmental organizations working in the field of mental health

Mental Health Perspectives successfully implemented more than 60 national and international projects and actively carries out advocacy activities, aiming for positive changes in mental health system.

Mental Health Perspectives is a member of the I can live coalitionNational Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Platform, informal NGO coalition for child’s rights, Human rights coalition, as well as a member of international organizations Human Rights in Mental Health - Federation Global Initiative on Psychiatry and Mental Health Europe.


Address: Olandų 19-2, LT-01100, Vilnius, Lithuania

Phone: +370 5 2715760, Fax: +370 5 2715760


Facebook: Psichikos sveikatos perspektyvos




Director: Karile Levickaite


Karile Levickaite has masters in psychology (Vilnius University, 2001) has been working in mental health field for more than 10 years. In 2000 she started work as a psychologist in the Lithuanian AIDS centre in drug abuse treatment programmes.

In 2003 Karile was the pioneer in the establishing early intervention programme Day Care Centre for Girls at Risk at Lithuanian AIDS centre and coordinating it. In 2005 Karile joined the NGO Global Initiative on Psychiatry as a project manager. She was director of the organisation in the period of 2007 - 2009 and since 2012 till now. She is responsible for public ant political representation, advocacy, human rights protection and promotion, promotion of mental health modern approaches and reforms, organisation of coalitions with other national and international NGOs in the areas of human rights and modern public health approaches, intiating public discourse in the topics concrened, ongoing communication with various stakeholders and press. Also fundraising, management and monitoring of EU funded projects.

In the period of 2007-2012 she brought a number of external assessments, monitoring and evaluation of the various projects in public health contracted as external expert. She is an author of about 10 publications and number of researches in the field.

Karile is an expert in following fields: HIV/AIDS and mental health, mental health policies, human/child right, advocacy and NGO management, harm reduction.

  • Member of Lithuanian Psychological Association since 2009.
  • Deputy chairman of the Coalition of Non-governmental Organisations and Experts “I Can Live” board since 2012
  • Member of NGO Councilfor developing the HIV Application of Lithuania Republic for Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria since 2011.
  • Member of Eurasian Harm Reduction Network since 2011.
  • Member of Mental Health Committee of Lithuanian Psychological Association since 2010.
  • Leader of the non formal NGO Coalition for Child Rights in Lithuania since 2013.

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FGIP has been working in Ukraine for more than thirty years and has a huge community of friends and colleagues there. FGIP is doing everything possible  to help them during these difficult times. We have started a large-scale psychological aid program for the victims of this military conflict. A new self-help program was been set up in Ukrainian that provides resources to mental health professionals and helps the general population to deal with the psychological consequences of this war. Please support us with your donation.