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Human Rights in Mental Health-FGIP repugarly publishes reports. Due to financial constraints we were not able to continue the publication of our journal "Mental Health Reforms", a decision that we very much regret. We hope that in the future the financial situation will ameliorate and that we will be able to resume its publication.

This part of our website provides you with some of the old issues of our journal, as well as a selection of our reports.

In 2020 FGIP has started an electronic news bulletin. You can subscribe to the news bulletin by clicking here

Report: Political Abuse of Psychiatry in Russia 2023

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Thirteenth International Sakharov Conference Report

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Assessment reports Ukraine

Human Rights in Mental Health has a long track record in assessing mental health care services in countries where it operates. In particular Ukraine has been its focus of attention.

Here we provide you with the most important reports that we have produced since 2015. We list here only the English version of the report. If you wish to receive the report in Ukrainian please write us at 

Forensic psychiatry in Ukraine, 2015 assessment report - English version click here

Social care Homes, 2017 assessment report click here

Svyatoshinsky social care home, Kyiv - 2018 assessment report click here

Kryviy Rih social care home - 2018 assessment report click here

Slavyansk and Svyatoshinsky social care homes - assessment 2018 click here

Prison mental health care services - 2019 assessment report click here


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Lancet Commission Report in Russian

От имени Комиссии Ланцет по вопросам глобального психического здоровья и устойчивого развития ( предоставляем Вам перевод ее доклада на русский язык, который, мы надеемся, будет полезен для Вашей работы.

Комиссия Ланцет генерирует самые актуальные сведения о глобальном психическом здоровье на сегодняшний день и призвана направлять действия по уменьшению глобального бремени проблем психического здоровья. Первоначально представленный в октябре 2018 года на английском языке доклад Комиссии был подготовлен 28 международными специалистами, обладающими экспертными знаниями в различных научных и политических дисциплинах, а также имеющими опыт психических заболеваний.

Призываем Вас поделиться этим материалом с коллегами, а также содействовать его распространению через социальные сети, на Вашем сайте, в информационных бюллетенях и т. д.

рапорт можно достать здесь

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DSM and ICD – two psychiatric classifications on the block

What are these acronyms and are they of value to psychiatry? The answers to the first question are simple. DSM stands for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, and its 5th revision was published in May 2013, and ICD is short for the International Classification of Diseases, the 11th revision which is due to be published in 2015 or 2016. The value question is a matter of debate. Only the complete anti-psychiatry zealots believes neither classification is of value, but the amount of confidence we have in both of them varies from almost religious belief to extreme scepticism.

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US State Department Report on Soviet Psychiatric Abuse 1989

In March 1989, an American delegation of psychiatrists, Sovietologists and diplomats visited the USSR as part of an agreement brokered between the US State Department and the Soviet Foreign Ministry. They examined 44 persons who were said to be victims of poliyical abuse of psychiatry in the USSR and visited several psychiatric hospitals. Their report is an in-depth analysis of the systematic abuse of psychiatry for political purposes and provides a profound analysis who and how these abiuses occured. The report has not lost its value even 25 years after its publication. The Russian version of the report can be downloaded here.

Russian version

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Psychiatry as a means of coercion in the former USSR

In the summer of 2013 Human Rights in Mental Health-FGIp Chief Executive Robert van Voren finalized a report for the European parliament on the use of psychiatry as a means of coercion in former Soviet republics. He signalled a disturbing trend in particular in the Russian Federation, where an increasing number of opponents of the ruling government were threatened with psychiatric detention or hospitalized for short periods as a means of coercion.

The report can be downloaded in both





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Special issue on Lithuania

Mental Health Reforms issue 2011 - Lithuania Special Issue

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Help us help our Ukrainian colleagues!

FGIP has been working in Ukraine for more than thirty years and has a huge community of friends and colleagues there. FGIP is doing everything possible  to help them during these difficult times. We have started a large-scale psychological aid program for the victims of this military conflict. A new self-help program was been set up in Ukrainian that provides resources to mental health professionals and helps the general population to deal with the psychological consequences of this war. Please support us with your donation.